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In 2018, Yelbridges Limited was incorporated in Nairobi, Kenya, casting a beacon of hope for a prosperous and secure digital future for the East Africa region. The co-founders, who have roots in Africa & Europe, firmly believed in the need to upscale cyber security standards in East Africa. They understood that higher security standards would position East Africa as a desirable partner in the global economy. They set out to build more than just a company; they made a mission. A mission aimed to improve the region's cyber security and build economic bridges between East Africa, Europe, and the rest of the world.

The cornerstone of their mission was the Cyber4Growth project. An initiative designed to provide advanced hands-on cyber defense skills to over 1000 IT professionals across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Yelbridges understood that the foundation of robust cyber security lay in the hands of skilled professionals who could anticipate, identify, and neutralize digital threats effectively.

Over the years, we actively collaborate with policymakers, industry leaders, and international partners, shaping a robust and resilient regional cyber ecosystem where businesses can thrive. Our expertise has positioned us as a trusted voice, bridging the gap between East Africa and the global cybersecurity conversation.

Yet, this is just the beginning. Yelbridges' story is more than a company's journey; it's a testament to the transformative power of vision and collaboration.

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Many organizations struggle to initiate their cyber security journey, regardless of their size or expertise. In other cases, they experience cyber incidents and are uncertain about their next steps.

Yelbridges understands that the world of cybersecurity can be overwhelming, especially for organizations new to the field or those recovering from cyber incidents.

Our focus on building cyber resiliency is designed to provide a clear path forward. We guide you in identifying vulnerabilities, preparing for threats, and responding effectively when incidents occur.

By following our approach, your organization can not only navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape but also emerge more robust, secure, and better prepared for the challenges of the digital age, providing you peace of mind as you do your business.


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