Our Story

Yelbridges was founded with a vision of building economic bridges between Eastern Africa and Germany.The first step of this journey was to build up the cyber security capacity and know how in the Eastern African region. The founders have grown in the recent years with their other companies to be internationally leading service providers for information and application security.

Our Philosophy - We love what we do

Our Secret? We love what we do. We are experts in our business fields and have collected experiences in various industries, countries and across many business areas. With our expertise we want to bridge the gap between East-Africa and Germany. We accept almost every challenge and pursue our projects with maximal energy and with great attention.

Our Strategy - Holistically bridging the gap

We support companies in Eastern-Africa and Germany to open up new perspectives while at the same time mitigating risks. Regarding the ongoing digitalization we envolve Business Development especially in the direction of business models and new markets of Cyber Security. Business Development is intertwined with digitilization, and digitalization requires IT-Security. Both Business Development as well as Cyber Security require experts. Thus we also support companies in finding skilled employees. Connecting these perspectives enables us to accompany our customers toward a successful and forward-looking future.

Bridging Security between Germany 
                              and Africa

Regarding digital processes, Eastern-Africa is partly heading Germany in this field, while Germany is stronger in IT-Security.
Therefore, we are proud to be able to recur on the know-how and spirit of both East-Africa as well as Germany thus new economic bridges are constructed.We complement this through business areas Real Estate and Sports Management. These areas have evolved organically from the specialisations and interests of the founders. The founders' love for football has led them to the decision to include the Scouting and Placement of African football talents to European Clubs. Yelbridges Ltd. also supports German investors who are looking for the right invest in Real Estate in East-Africa.

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