Re-Invent During Crisis

You never have a real change unless you have a time of crisis – Friedman Milton Covid-19 pandemic has caused a global health emergency as well global economic slowdown. Businesses operations have been negatively impacted as the covid-19 keeps on spreading globally. Government have also introduced regulations and guidelines with the aim of containing the ….  Read More

What the CEO needs to know about Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the biggest threat to human kindWarren Buffet Cyber attacks of the day are vicious and lead to massive financial losses to organization. When such incidents occur, the CEO is left answerable and accountable on to the stakeholders – Regulators/government, shareholders/investors, customers and employees on what led to the attack and could it ….  Read More

Why its worthy considering Managed Security Services in 2020

The beginning of a year signifies a new start and time to assess our gains/losses in previous year and plan a fresh. One thing that is certain in 2020 is that the cost of cyber crime will rise! As business strive to offer efficient, effective and 24/7 services to their clients on mobile or internet ….  Read More

Work from home – Cyber Security Tips

A large population of staff is now forced to work from home as we control the spread of Covid-19. Clearly this an important option considering the economy will not wait to for us to contain the virus then jump back. I’ve held discussion with my friends and business partners regarding working from home where I ….  Read More

2020 Cyber Predictions.

This year there will be more unprecedented cyber attacks than the previous year 2019. New attack vectors and techniques will emerge and more complex attack methods. Here are the top 6 trends that will be dominating 2020 in the cyber space.   More sophisticated ransomware attacks. Attacks on Industrial control systems (ICS) More state funded ….  Read More