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Sharing local files on a docker container

Have you heard about a docker container? If not please check out our blog and video to help you learn what they are and what they entail. In this blog we will dive deeper into docker containers where we will look at how to share local files on the containers we have created. Note that…
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Introduction to docker containers

Hello everyone, welcome to another blog series. This time round we’ll be covering docker containers. We are going to be looking at what docker is, the technology stack behind it in comparison to virtualization, the major differences between an image and a container as well as how to push and pull an image from the…
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Setting up a phishing campaign with Gophish- Walkthrough

Hi everyone, welcome back to our blog, today we will be talking about Gophish as a tool for performing phishing campaigns. Before we begin be sure to check out our other blogs on our website :https://yelbridges.co.ke/category/tech-business/ . . . Introduction to Phishing It is often said that when it comes to security the weakest link…
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Remote Procedure Call Runtime Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2022-26809

Every 2nd Tuesday of every month Microsoft releases security updates for its windows operating system, dubbed “Patch Tuesday”. And this past Tuesday, pun intended, the 12th of April 2022, a number of updates were released that should have you concerned. Here’s why Of the 128 vulnerability fixes released, a significant number (10) have a CVSS…
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Linux Privilege Escalation – Walkthrough

Hello there, welcome to our walkthrough on the “Vulnversity” room from TryHackMe. Here is the link to the room: https://tryhackme.com/room/vulnversity. For this room one can opt to use the attack box which is straightforward, you could also opt to use OpenVPn, in case you are not familiar with how connect via OpenVPN, please visit https://tryhackme.com/room/openvpn.…
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Eternal Blue Exploitation – Walkthrough

Many organization have this as an existing vulnerability on there network as most of the machines vulnerable to this exploit are running legacy systems or the users not comfortable migrating to the newer versions of windows, or the systems Admins are lazy to update the systems. But what is the risk of this? below is…
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Why it’s worthy considering Managed Security Services

The beginning of a year signifies a new start and time to assess our gains/losses in previous year and plan a fresh. One thing that is certain in 2020 is that the cost of cyber crime will rise! As business strive to offer efficient, effective and 24/7 services to their clients on mobile or internet…
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