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Cyber Insurance

Do Your Business, We Secure

There are only three things that are inevitable in life; Death, Taxes & Cyber breaches.

Cyber Insurance is a policy designed to protect organizations from financial loss emanating from cyber incidents. Cyber attacks have been on the increase leading to massive losses to organizations. Boards and Senior Management are considering transferring the risk through cyber insurance.

Yelbridges offers the below services to Re-insurers, Insurance and their customers;


including Cyber Risk Quantification and vendor risk assessment.


Security audit including pentest, Vulnerability Assessment etc, Managed Security Services, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Cyber4Growth Business Club Membership.


Incident Response & recovery, forensic investigation and crisis management services.

Cyber attacks have
  Increased & Evolved to be more complex & Unpredictable

From Ransomware attacks to data breaches and insider threats, cyber espionage and state sponsored attacks, organizations are on a high alert to ensure their systems are secure. But in the Cyber world, it is more about WHEN you become a victim, but not IF. So when it happens, you need to be ready and have a cover that will compesate your downtime or the unfortunate incident.

Cyber Insurance then becomes important to you as an organization
 in order to protect your reputation and finances. Get to more about our Cyber Insurance coverage and our whlistic approach to have you covered.


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