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Information Security Audits

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An Information security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed. It is part of the on-going process of defining and maintaining effective security policies. Security audits provide a fair and measurable way to examine how secure a site really is.


Our focus on IS audit revolve around 3 areas, Systems, Products and Processes. The three areas of focus give us a detailed of the PEOPLE, PROCESSES & TECHNOLOGY in the organization allowing us to give recommendations best suited for the you.


A systems audit is important to any organization in order to know the current risk status and understand the posture of every intergrated system in the organization. Optimal usage and scalability aspects of systems should be known in conjuction to the Security of each.


As innovation continue to grow within different organizations, different digital products are being plugged in to the cooporate network increasing the risk. Know what risks are being introduced by doing a product Audit to reduce the risks to the organization.


Every organization should have processes that are followed before, during and after any operations. The processes should be well documented and enforced. Testing and auditing the processes then becomes key to check the effectiveness.

Choose Your Category

Our services are suited for any client serious about their security. We do not want to exclude anyone becuase of their size, thats why we have deviced different packages to suite your business. The ultimate security status can not be achived in a day or month, so what matters is whether you’ve started your journey.



Do you meet the below:

  • Small offices, home offices, retail outlets, restaurants, logistics operations, and other smaller sites
  • 15 Staff members or less
  • No branches
  • IT Asset base of < $50,000


Do you meet the below:

  • Coporates, Telco’s, T1 & T2 banks, Goverment institutions, financial Intergrators, Health institutions, NGO’s, Service providers
  • Over 350 staff
  • Over 10 branches
  • IT Asset base of $5,000,000 and above
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