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Physical – Digital Security Converge

Complete spectrum of
  Physical Cyber Security combined to one

As your organization grows, so are the risks associated to the new adoptions and scaling both in technology and people. In order to have a full view of your cyber health check, the triad must then be completed.

This exercise simulates a physical break in to your premises in attempt to bypass the physical security checks like biometrics, CCTVs, Security guards etc in order to get confidential information or compromising of your digital assets from the inside. The strength and weaknesses of any organization are based on the complete security process . Missing one then compromises the efforts put on the others.


Physical PenTesting Breakdown

Just as is in the digital pentesting, physical pentesting looks into three (3) aspects in details. The aim of this exercise is to get a comprehensive outlook of any organizations security status. The 3 areas are;


This checks on the controls that there in any organization from a perimeter points like trying to bypass gates, doors, fences etc.


This aims at exploiting people and manipulating them to share information or give access to the organizations infrastructure willingly or unwillingly.


The aim is to bypass the digital security controls the organization has put into place. This range from biometrics, RFIDs, CCTV, scanners etc.

Red VS Blue Teaming

In order for your organization to stay up front when it comes to security matters, Both Red team and Blue Teams need to work hand in hand. The Red team going offensive on the organization and the blue teamers defending on what may have been missed. Organizations therefore looking into optimal security would consider such and we are the go to partners.

Looking for offensives and defensive teams for your organization on contract basis? We understand hiring a trusted team is hard, and so we offer our teams of highly qualifies experts to do the job for you. Being Yelbridges staff, they are well trainined and you can be comfortable knowing your data security and confidentiality won’t be compromised.


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